Select the “Create Overlay”. Carefully pull out any misfed paper. Page Carefully move the stapler unit back into its original position. Center Erase Does not print on the folded part of the center binding. Page The flap side of envelopes cannot be printed on. From the “Printer” menu, select “Show Info”. Double-click the “Add Printer” icon.

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Encryption Key When turning the machine off, then on again, wait at least 10 seconds to turn the main power switch on after turning it off. What should be done if misfeed- clearing dial 1 is turned too far? Immediately c252 OFF the power switch, unplug the power cord from the power outlet, and then call your authorized service representative. Close the front door of the finisher. If “Printer” is displayed when specifying the output destination in the printer driver, the mail bin that is selected is shown in the figure.

Page Troubleshooting Close the misfeed-clearing door. Additional settings Deleting a Box The currently open box can be deleted. If the Add New Hardware Wizard does not appear, turn this machine off, then on again.


When turning the machine off, then on again, wait at least 10 seconds to turn the main power switch on after turning it off. Rotated Rotates the paper.

Page Specifying printer driver settings Note Only the administrator can select a setting under “Sharing”. Note When setting up the pdl, the administrator password is required to enter Administrator mode. Licking or ingesting any of these things could injure your health. Select the paper size.

Konica Minolta bizhub C252P – Printers and MFPs specifications.

Smoothing Graphic Adjusts the smoothing process of charts and graphs in a document to the text or photo set- tings. Does not limit downloading screen fonts.

The setting screen for adding Options appears. Pull out any paper caught in the Timing timing roller section. Open the horizontal transport unit cover, and then remove any misfed paper. Pagemark. They could cause these products to malfunction. Specifying printer driver settings Note For the functions and settings that blzhub be specified, refer to “Settings” on page The Box tab appears only if the optional HDD is installed.

Click the [Apply] button. Remove the empty cartridge from the pco cartridge holder. Cursor keys Press to change the menu and to enter values. This registers the custom page settings, and allows you to select the paper in the screen that appears when “Page Attributes” is selected.

Recent Drivers  ITE IT8705F VIDEO DRIVER

The information that appears in the Device Information page differs depending on the options that are installed. Layout tab of the printer driver setup dialog box. When installation is complete, a message appears. The changed settings are saved.

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Tray 3 Can be loaded with up to sheets of plain paper See p. For details, refer to “Selecting a printer” on page When the application is exited, the settings return to their defaults. Swing open hizhub shutter of the staple cartridge holder, and then pull out one sheet of staples.