It’s not noticeable in movies for the most part. I’ll be getting one this week. What are the web sites that do input lag tests again? The setting is global, so it affects all resolutions. Yes, my password is: Higher settings crush whites. Newegg’s Cyber Monday deals are available now, including 43 percent off a inch LG gaming monitor.

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DoubleSight DS-263N – LCD monitor – 26″ – refurbished

WilliamGMar 7, Then you run stopwatch software and take a picture of both displays simultaneously using a digital camera. I’m really looking forward to the input lag test.

It supports p ds-623n VGA, although this might have been fixed in a newer revision of the Planar. I also have a WFP on my way to the house which is going to be sold.

Good news, I look forward to hearing all of your reviews, this may be cause to take back my delll that I got from costco. The power LED is blue instead of green. Mar 3, 2. Monitors doubleslght Lori Grunin Sep 24, Stretches the image to fill the screen Still, it’s worth a shot to see if things look better for you. DMPMar 5, Needless to say both of those ended on a rather controversial note. doublwsight


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ToastyXMar 9, There’s no way to make the borders fully black. Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Mar 5, No, create an account doublesiht. Since it’s basically the same monitor as the Planar, you can be assured that it has less than one frame of lag.

DozeMar 5, This setting controls the backlight luminance.

Mar 7, Mar 5, 7. I read the entire Planar thread and for all intents and purposes, this is the exact same monitor with a different stand and badging. The expansion mode can only be set when using a non-native resolution.

DoubleSight DSN – LCD monitor – 26″ – refurbished Overview – CNET

Ok, writing on this Doublesight as we speak. Like the Planar, the color settings aren’t very helpful.

Your name or email address: Nope, that’s the only objective way to test the input lag. It has the same The DoubleSight also has too much green out of the box. EW27Mar 9, Centers the image without scaling 1: Looking forward to all your reviews.


DozeMar 7, MtndueyMar 7,