My processor is running a lot hotter than expected. I take those CPUBoss scores with a pound of salt as far as their real-world relevance. Finally, for case fans, I would recommend you have at least one exhaust fan, usually in the spot on the rear of the case by the PSU and CPU Or is there something else going on? One of the four pins had been bent and while everything was secure and firmly mounted, the contact was imperfect. I have an inexpensive case with room for two case fans in the back, but those aren’t installed.

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Support for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DQGF

I removed the motherboard and only then noticed this issue. You are absolutely correct. Thank you for checking my misplaced confidence! DaveB Ars Praefectus Registered: Re the cooler, it does appear to have all four pushpins in place.

Apr 21, Posts: Strangely, the system is not shutting down, but these temps are really high. Take the motherboard out, turn it over and see if all 4 are in all the way. Some folks claim RAM advertised as AMD specific works fine in their Intel boards, while others seems like a smaller subset report issues. Those temps are way too high under a low load if you used thermal compound and have all 4 pins in all the way.


Some cases have a hole where you can inspect the cooler mounting from behind once you remove the outer shroud of the case.

IntelĀ® Desktop Board DQ965GF

Jul 1, Posts: When I am vkdeo research, the number of articles I load in bg tabs for reading can quickly add up. Jun 14, Posts: If you have forced one or more in whilst not perfectly seated, one or more will be damaged.

If you want all 8GB, then you need to use or Mhz memory. Sun Nov 30, 7: I have a system built around the DQGF motherboard.

I responded hastily, gents. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. I’ll add a case fan, I guess, and see what that does. So that’s probably why I didn’t think much of it when I got a Q and had to push the last one in.

Intel DQGF system max spec upgrade woes – Ars Technica OpenForum

Three additional changes were made to this system. Do I just need to add more? Intel DQGF system max spec upgrade woes. Sometimes you need to flex the motherboard a little to get them in all the way. Dq95gf X data sheet seems to suggest max temps around the mid 60s.


My memory upgrade doesn’t seem to be working. The X compares pretty well in performance terms.

It makes me want to apply computing to applications and scenarios I am not currently applying it to. Sat Nov 29, These days, I don’t write too much code.

Here’s the manual for it: Jun 23, Posts: My processor is running a lot hotter than expected.