I went through the same hassle and ended up using the Buslogic driver too. Sorry we couldn’t be helpful. We have an ESX 3. After conversion using P2V, the virtual machine fails to boot. We have a base image for XP that has nothing more than a few hotfixes and all current security updates in it. I did try your suggestion of injecting the mass storage drivers, but the VMware LSI drivers always cause this error message: Is there a trick to this or is my SATA controller not supported?

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To change the adapter type to LSI Logic change the line to: If specified, the key is created first. Locate the datastore path where the virtual machine resides.

Now the driver will be loaded from the. The ‘floppy’ your trying, is that an image, or actually files on a floppy?

Aroc Ars Praefectus Tribus: Choose the same controller as in Step 3 as the adapter type. Navigate to the location of the disk and select to add it into the virtual machine. Next, during the textmode setup, you have to press the F6 button to load widows.

Recent Drivers  IXUS 80IS DRIVER

VMware ESX and Windows XP

We added the mass storage drivers to it. If you are unable to find the file on the host, you can download it from http: That would be my suggestion, using something like nLite makes it extremely easy.

During the Windows install at the right time press F6 to add storage drivers and then load the driver from the floppy drive in the VM.

The display name can be found in the txtsetup. Explanation 4 of 5 – This section controls 1 the loading of the various drivers during the initialization and 2 the loading order. Make sure it recognizing the driver file you have attached to the floppy drive and press enter.

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I don’t know how you manage XP deployments to physical desktops, but if you use an imaging solution along with Microsoft Sysprep System Preparation Tool you could probably inject the LSI drivers into an image, then deploy the image to the virtual instance. Any image would probably do. So we continued to use the 1.

Which driver are you using? To request a new product feature or to provide feedback on a VMware product, please visit the Request a Product Feature page. Make sure that you do not choose delete from disk. If it is empty, then it refers to the services node. Notify me of new comments via email. Create your VM with both a floppy and a cd drive 4.


Aug 30, Posts: We had to inject some mass storage drivers when we sysprep’d the machine before pulling a WIM image, but it’s working great for us. Mon Jul 14, If you are experiencing this issue during the guest operating system installation, you must provide the driver for the BusLogic SCSI controller during the installation process.

Jun 24, Total Views: When you setup the virtual machine, you chose either Buslogic or LSI disk controller for the system. Apr 24, Posts: I’m using the vmscsi. Monday, September 7, In situations where you are manually changing an IDE disk to a SCSI disk that holds a Windows Operating system volume, you may need to repair the master boot record of the disk.

Thursday, July 3, 2: