Using this ratio avoids the photo having to be trimmed in any way for it to fit onto the paper. Generally speaking, I’m a proponent of LCDs over optical viewfinders, but this was the first camera I’ve tested in awhile where I relied on the optical viewfinder almost exclusively outdoors. Vibrant, appealing color Good skin tones Auto white balance handles a wide range of lighting well less than impressive with household incandescent lighting though Better than average exposure accuracy Good lens, generally low distortion and decent sharpness Adjustable ISO in all modes Durable, lightweight metallic look Easy-to-hold, fits both large and small hands well Simple user interface. At the telephoto end, the FinePix A took 0. This helps to add a touch of warmth to the general colours and skin tones. It is such a small camera and very easy to use.

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Besides auto, there are only four scene modes: This is where a purple line is added to the edge of bright objects. But if it’s your first time with a digital camera and you don’t want to fujiiflm a huge investment, the Fuji A could be the right catch.

Fujifilm FinePix A500

With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line In terms of price the Finepix A finds itself towards the cheaper end of the market.

If you are looking to make 6×4″ prints then there is a 3: The three times optical zoom lens has a focal length equivalent to 38 – mm in 35mm format. I was able to take a single picture in 1. Even with all the advances in bargain basement digital cameras in recent years, there are still drawbacks to a camera this inexpensive. The menu system is very easy indeed to get to grips with and there are also only a very small number of buttons and controls on the camera that you need to get to know.


With some competing models taking away manual control of ISO — such as Nikon’s L-Series digital cameras — it’s nice to see that Fuji is still offering it even though results are a mixed bag. In terms of image quality, however, the Fuji A produced pictures with rich color and good sharpness which should appeal to most consumers. A couple of alkaline ones are supplied with the camera as standard. Only a year ago, a 1.

Unless you’re a leisurely picture-taker — and I’m definitely not — shooting with the Fuji A can be a frustrating experience.

If you’re someone in a hurry to fujifiln a lot of pictures and video clips using a lot of different modes and adjustments, Fineepix suggest you try a different model. However, if you’re a first-time digital camera user and want to put your foot in the water for a very low price, the Fuji A is about as good as any camera in this category when it comes to taking quality pictures in standard daylight conditions.

Neither the indoor portrait nor the test shot of some beer bottles is sharply focused.

Fujifilm FinePix A Zoom: Digital Photography Review

We timed the camera at 4. The macro shot is about average. Controls are well-placed, but not particularly touch-sensitive, so basic tasks such as turning the camera on and off, or switching to the playback mode, takes some significant pressure on the buttons.

To help you take the best possible shots there are a small number of scene modes available. This solidly built, 6. The built in flash unit has a maximum range of 3. Almost all features are under automatic control of the camera.


Consequently, a small case for this camera is a must. Considering the cloudy conditions when the photo was taken I think the Finepix A makes a good attempt at the shot.

Long shutter lag times are also a big turn off. If you’ve had any experience with a more sophisticated digital camera, however, I’d say pass on this model — it’s limitations will definitely cause you some frustration. Along with cost-cutting in the design, another area where you’re going to feel the pinch of buying such a low-priced camera is in the Fuji A’s sluggish all-around performance. This camera definitely requires patience. With AA alkalines, the Fuji A can capture only about images.

Unlike many digital cameras the Finepix A does have a viewfinder. You can compare this camera to other models by taking a look at the Shutter Lag Comparison Table. The Bottom Line The appeal of the basic Fujifilm FinePix A’s tiny price tag is offset by its slim feature set and mediocre performance. However, if you’ve tried other current entry-level models, you’ll quickly notice that the Fuji A lags behind in its overall picture-taking performance which is why we cannot make it a Dave’s Pick.

If this is your first digital camera, you might be delighted with the results.