H2 Database Browser Browse H2 database objects such as tables, views, system tables, columns, primary and foreign keys, and procedures. File Locking Protocols Multiple concurrent connections to the same database are supported, however a database file can only be open for reading and writing in embedded mode by one process at the same time. The connection is set to ‘autocommit’, which means after each inserted record a commit is performed automatically. Restricting Class Loading and Usage By default there is no restriction on loading classes and executing Java code for admins. Database Upgrade In version 1. The maximum number of open transactions is If other remote connections are still open, one of them will then start a server auto-reconnect is enabled automatically.

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To do that, databases use different methods. The following statements generate locks: If the machine that originally held the lock wakes up, the database may become corrupt.

Transaction isolation is provided for all data manipulation language DML statements. Or, as a workaround, you could start the PgServer with an undocumented feature datsbase that allows mapping of one database URL to another: In Java, RandomAccessFile supports the modes rws and rwd: That is, the database password is the combination of the file password, a space, databass the user password.

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Creating a New Database with File Encryption By default, a new database is automatically created if it does not exist yet. In order to enable this feature, set the system property h2. Such a function can be called with the CALL statement:. The service wrapper bundled with H2 is a bit version.

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I will fix that in the next release. Use the system properties h2. This method is supposed to force any updates to this channel’s file to be written to the storage device that contains it. This database synchronizes access to the same connection, but other databases may not do this.

Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters. This setting is used for both regular server sockets and for TLS server sockets.

Lock Timeout If a connection odbv get a lock on an object, the connection waits for some amount of time the lock timeout. Then, the process waits a little bit 20 ms and checks the file again. In addition to the settings already described, other database settings can be passed in the database URL. At this time, this database engine commits a transaction if autocommit is switched on just before returning the dagabase.

IPv4 and IPv6 address formats are supported.

For a list of applications that work with or use H2, see: A computed column is a column whose value kdbc calculated before storing. Other products use multiple iterations hash the hash value again and againbut this is not done in this product to reduce the risk of denial of service attacks where the attacker tries to connect with bogus passwords, and the server spends a lot of time calculating the hash value for each password.


Constants can be defined only when literals are enabled, but used even when literals are disabled.

H2 Database – ODBC doesn’t connect

For each record, the multi-dimensional key is converted mapped to a single dimensional scalar value. If a connection wants to reads from a table, and there is no write lock on the table, then a read lock is added to the table.

In this case, table level locking ratabase not used.

For those cases, the automatic closing of the database can be disabled in the database URL. When the zip file is created, you can open the database in the zip file using the following database URL: With constants, typos are databaze at oebc time, the source code is easier to understand and change.

Application 1 and 2 are not necessarily started on the same computer, but they need to have access to the database files. For example, if an index on the upper-case version of a column is required, create a computed column with the upper-case version of the original column, and create an index for this column:.

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