But how do you give some to one person without making someone else jealous or infuriating someone who already gave away their work for free?? Certainly not enough to buy a yacht. The original DOSferatu was from www. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Tue Aug 31, 9: The first slot 0 is 16 bits long and contains validity flags for the remaining slots, while the remaining bits are divided in twelve bit slots slots 1—12 , used as data slots.

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Windows 98 SE full spec attached. Additionally, you can get wavetable synthesis daughter cards for the Aac97, but they’re hard to find and many sound awful from what I’ve read.

Sound card drivers

For example search for dmkit SB16 for DOS may also have a 95dosapp. It eos your code and you sent a lot of time on it.

Such cards included Media Vision’s Thunderboard, which according to Media Vision was fully Sound Blaster complaint except for enhacements that dow only detected and usable if software attempted to ID the card multiple times. This revision provides means for the audio codec to supply parametric data about its analog interface much like Intel High Definition Audio. Every frame is subdivided in 13 slots.


Sat Apr 09, 7: Does the Soundblaster 16 need any special installation? Good specs u got. You should make sure that there are DOS drivers available – www. OK, basically you combine: Retrieved from ” https: Fri Sep 24, I’m guessing original PCI, not PCI-e You could always use a cable-extended riser card and add a slot, put the cards in an external enclosure.

DOS ain’t dead – AC97 sound driver for DOS

Don’t you have to pay any bills? The link carries a bidirectional serial data stream at a fixed bitrate There are some various resources which can be found at various other locations on this page.

I have not to my knowledge had any contact with him. Slots 1, 2 and 12 are used for non-audio data, while slots 3—11 carry up to nine channels of raw pulse-code modulation PCM audio signals.

And I suggest you install a driver for it to be detected by DOS and your Windows or wtf are u running. Views Read Edit View history.

Doing it in protected mode is easier, but you lose compatibilty with quite a few games. I never heard of this “AC’97” sound chip, but my motherboard’s chip is an ancient AMIBIOS i think its old cih to be ancient and I run a SoundBlaster 16 on my old piece of DOS equipment, but its running Win95 and it runs some games perfectly but some don’t have sound on them due to crappy Windows problems interfering.


DOSferatu minneapolis, mn usa, Many motherboards may include AC’97 sound, but drivers may also be needed.


I’m flattered that someone is using my code in their own projects of course, but not so much flattered if he’s out cruising in a new yacht because of my work It will not help to existing programs requiring SoundBlaster. Wikimedia Commons has media related to AC’ He’s not done anything wrong, it was just the idea of trying to charge money for it that sorta rubbed me the wrong way. I’m not sure if this is just a wav file format issue. It is indeed an old topic,but there is some info that can be useful: Re removal lets see what happens after you contact him and take it from there.

Tue Aug 31, 9: So if WDM is supported, it is recommended to try that. The standard was used in motherboardsmodemsand sound cards.