It differs much from BD By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Search Media New Media. Does anyone have any comments on the actual similarities and differences? Rockerduck , Jan 12, If you get this thing in this mod you will get a warm and smooth tone that is much more natural like a real amp cranked up.

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It works best when you want that transparent sounding overdrive to help push the amp just a touch but don’t want that tubescreamer flavor sound. Thread with details here: Guildford Store Open Mon-Sat 9. It’s awesome on leads to give you a bit more sustain. Jun 11, It clears up some keeey the fizz and adds necessary overdrive to make this pedal more usable. For one, it’s a bit bright in its stock form. Between the Keeley BD2 and the Waza, that I own, The Waza has more range and openness even on the “classic switch”, the “custom” side is similar to the Keeley fat switch, but the gain is smoother, and again, more range increase and just better.

At very high saturation levels it almost becomes gd-2 octave type of sound effect. The BD-2 is a nice little pedal, morded Phat Mod is great Don’t rule out the Analogman BD2.


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I love the fact that it has its own grain and Phat Mod brings a subtle but vital heat. That is pretty much all your going to be able to use this in.

REVIEW – Boss Blues Driver Pedal (and Keeley Mod) |

This product has not had any reviews yet. Please refine your selection. It might be a good idea to turn the Phat switch off under loud situations if there is too much low end in your sound. Popular Categories Complete P.

User reviews: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Keeley – Audiofanzine

I bought, sold and traded a lot of pedals, and it is still a survivor. Track Your Order Wish List. I would suggest checking about getting one modded. Every component added is of the highest quality. I give an overall rating of 9, because for me, perfection is not of this world. Robert was br-2 big on bass boosts in general so the switch on this pedal is mild in its effect on your tone.

Blues Driver Keeley mod vs Waza Craft vs Katana Blues Drive

The pedal only has three knobs, and it’s laid out like a tubescreamer, so anybody can figure out how to use this. It isn’t too much money to buy one new modified. It will level out the highs and smoothed the midrange to compliment the lower end which made dialing in mmodded solid creamy overdrive much more tastier. It is almost double the price but for a pedal that has this type of circuit is going to cost that much or even more from some other manufacturers.


The parts added will increase the warmth of the pedal and add a level satisfaction to your playing. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. It can be used with a clean amp to give it some nice grit, and it can also be used a fairly transparent sounding boost to help give you a little more tightness and compression to your overall tone. Sign up for our newsletter Please enter a valid email address. The pedal you have now is the culmination of many ideas and modifications that Robert Keeley had made to the pedal over the years.

Mammoth felt that this lowered the noise floor further and improved the overall signal clarity with cleaner tones. At the end of the checkout you’ll be taken to the V12 Finance web site.

May 15, 9.