Did you miss your activation email? Are there any other suggestions that are worth mentioning to get this to work? I last had this card working for 5 years in an older Windows XP machine. Go to the VST Connections menu. Does that sound right? There’s no entries at all in the Windows event log around the time that play out stops. This also seems to be the case for users on the M-Audio forum.

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We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books But if I make any adjustments on the Delta interface then all my programs will no play an audio. To do this, 1 Right-click on the speaker volume icon in your taskbar. I uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday, and the CPU went down to reasonable figures, it seemed.

Delta Audiophile ASIO drivers? | Cakewalk Forums

Is the driver bad? After much stuffing around and searching countless posts, I came across this one. Wondering if you’re higher and we need to roll you back. I can’t think of any reason why SP3 would need a different driver.


Thanks a bunch, all of a sudden I had the same issue and was going crazy for a few hours until I found your fix. The item that doesn’t play does get logged assio if it started. Other times is says everythin up to is available.

There is a playlist with three players all using the same outputs on the M-Audio card – but the audio only stops when one song finishes and the next is loaded in auto.

Arguing about drivers is pointless. I checked and Vesion 7 still has low CPU. Hmm, probably I should think about my planned setup again. We only have one selta instance but the problem seems to occur with iTunes or Firefox for other users, so I may try that and report back.

I just wondered if anyone has had success with the Delta on Windows 7 and all the outputs working without this issue or found a work around?

The Trick To Getting The M-Audio Delta 44 Working With Windows 7

Introducing Our First Product: Any XP driver should work with it. I too have the delta 44 butvim having a different issue. Hi, Thanks for this post.

What are your settings? I have 2 44,s uadio plugged into the PC. Home Help Search Login Register. I also had this running with cakewalk I have a windows 8 laptop will I be able to use this with that? Alternatively you can try system restore, and go back to when you upgraded to 8. Have you tried any of the other PCI slots?

Recent Drivers  PNY GEFORCE FX5200 DRIVER

The noise is constant even when no power to the PC. The only way to eliminate the noise is to separate the delta 44 cable from the breakout box.

Essentials Only Full Version. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 8.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I’m a fan of M-Audio, and currently use a number of Delta 44’s in various live FM studios for years now. Wow thanks man u made my day I will love to hear from u pls email me. Turn velta your PC. It worked for a short while, but the next day 0 audio on the whole system.