He arrived at his fitting with a Ping G I had no problems at all getting down the ball with the Mizuno. But where all of our crew were in agreement was in the performance of the MX — it was stunning. The sound is a little high pitched but is not anything different from the Callaway clubs. This may put me off oredering an otherwise excellent product.

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Still, if Mizuno were to expand this line to include a neutral or slightly open-faced 8.

Mizuno MX-700 Driver Review

At the end of the season I was at the driving range and there was this guy that I know to mizumo a single digit handicapper, he was blasting the new Taylormade R9 and I overshot him nearly every ball. Like a diesel engine, George needed some time to warm up during his fitting.

He arrived at his fitting with a Ping G The difference between my Misuno and the Mizuno is that bad swings on the Mizuno still are playable with decent distance. The Mizuno MX Driver has a grain aligned titanium face to boost both power and forgiveness and also includes a weight adjustibility feature.

Perhaps the only “fail” is that is made to be straight, so ball working is a little limited, but for a mid handicaper as I am, the straighter the better. For that reason, I felt more confident with the G drivers in my hands.


With my swing speed and ball speed mizuuno about the same, I added an average of 7.

Mizuno MX-700 Hybrid

The change helped him lower his spin rate rpm on average, while also opening the club face slightly to take the left side out of play. May be a stupid question but would it be worth it to cut the shaft down or get a new shaft put in.

Not a big difference, but the Mizuno seemed slightly shorter.

What looks square to my eye may be slightly closed, mizuo then it hooks. The first is out of some thick rough. I suspect that it nizuno sell record numbers of drivers for Mizuno, but maybe not this year. Played my first round with a MX hybrid 17 deg with the stock stiff shaft and surprising loved its feel.

The key to this driver seems to be a smooth swingwith a bit of lag.

Mizuno MX Graphite Driver

I’ve always struggled with drivers. Once again a deserved gold award for the MX and at less than beer tokens this will prove a terrific choice for many golfers in ! Write a Review Rate This Product: You could be behind a tree or playing a links golf course in the UK. When hitting the ball it gives you a good crack and not the high-pitched sounds some woods might produces. Forgiveness is provided by the longer clubface mizunl delivers a much larger hitting area while the distinctive Drop Down Crown pushes m7x00 weight much lower in the club head to help promote consistent results from any lie.

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The punch shot is the last shot I tried out.

The Big Review: Mizuno MX – GolfWRX

The club doesn’t feel too big mizjno address but the clubface remains big enough to inspire confidence on every tee.

Set in the steel and blue are some nice yellow accents.

It is great off the tee mizunno this is a club that is perfect for players who often play woods or hybrids into greens as the larger size is very reassuring at address either on the tee or on the fairway. Chris had recently been fit mx00 a local club fitter for a M2 driver I bought the The feel at impact is pure top quality.

Congratulations on a great product. A bigger deal for some golfers might be the G crowns. I put this club in my bag several months back with absolutely no regrets. Yes the face of the fairway is shallower than the F The MX range sees Mizuno drop the conservative blue color scheme for a more aggressive yellow and enter the world of the pumped up, big banging sticks that are modern drivers and woods and Mizuno had this to say about their new clubs:.