Start Free Trial No credit card required. If this option is set to no , then you must manually mount volumes before they are usable. Use the following syntax to configure a tape drive. Specifies the number of a storage element. There are sound reasons to extend the range of available minor numbers, but for the time being, the eight-bit limit is still in force. Defines the device in the Customized Devices object class. This command assigns Oracle Secure Backup names and attributes to the devices in your administrative domain.

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mkdev Command

Multiple attribute-value pairs must be enclosed in quotation marks with a blank space between the pairs. The return value indicates success or failure of the operation. Specifies the device attribute-value pairs to be used instead of the defaults. The major number identifies the driver associated with the device.

The code we suggest using is similar to the code introduced for autodetection of port numbers. Specifies the connection location, indicated by the ConnectionLocation variable, on the parent. This maximum is subject to device and operating system limitations that can reduce this maximum block size.

Linux Device Drivers, Second Edition by Alessandro Rubini, Jonathan Corbet

Major and Minor Numbers. The command to create a device node on a filesystem is mknod ; superuser privileges are required for this operation.


The script can be adapted for another driver by redefining the variables and adjusting the mknod lines. For private drivers, we strongly suggest that you use dynamic allocation to obtain your major device number, rather than choosing a number randomly from the ones that are currently free.

A cleaning cycle is initiated either when a drive reports that it needs cleaning or when a specified usage time has elapsed. The kernel compares the name to the registered name for that number, if any: Only privileged users can run privileged operations. For example, –usage 1month requests a cleaning cycle every month.

Suppresses the command output messages from standard output and standard error. Char devices are accessed through names in the filesystem.

Contains the mkdev command. Refer to “aspec” for a description of the aspec placeholder. Item Description 0 Successful completion.

Linux World: The working of macros MAJOR,MINOR and MKDEV

It is common for a driver to control several devices as shown in the listing ; the minor number provides a way for the driver to differentiate among them. The default is 8. The kernel uses the major number at open time to dispatch execution to the appropriate driver. This policy ensures that Oracle Secure Backup can always solicit a tape needed for restore by using both the barcode and the volume ID.

Specifies the world-wide name of the device. If this option is set to nothen you must manually mount volumes before they are usable. Mkdsv maximum blocking factor controls the amount of data that Oracle Secure Backup initially reads from a tape whose blocking factor is unknown. Stopping this command before it is complete could result in a corrupted database. The default value of yes mkdec the emptiest cleaning tape, which causes cleaning tapes to round robin as cleanings are required.


The task can be accomplished by a script that pairs to the one used at load time. A value of yes default instructs Oracle Secure Backup to mount tapes for backup and restore operations without operator intervention. If an attachment is specified, only one devicename is mkeev.

Проект OpenNet: MAN MKDEV (9) Ядро (FreeBSD и Linux)

Some driver functions receive a pointer to struct inode as the first argument. In addition, if your script is to be run at mkddv time, you will need to make a link to it from the appropriate run-level directory i. Note that you can execute the clean command to clean a drive manually. During a backup, Oracle Secure Backup periodically samples the position of the tape.

For these devices you can specify default.