The other mode will NOT connect: When you get up after, please switch your Q-Watch to Daily mode to stopping record sleep. You can try to restart the phone again or ask your phone manufacture for whether there is any new system upgrade solution to improve the unstable Bluetooth connection. You might refer to our video for the detail: And user should wear on the position of the capillary concentrated distribution area. What is the criteria of sleep pattern and quality? There is no LED on this adapter, but once it is plugged in it is automatically turned on and active.

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If i-gotU Life cannot find theQ-Watch device, the Q-Watch device may be not Daily mode or Sports mode,please long press the Q-Watch device button 3 second, then release the button and press the button once again to switch the mode to Daily mode or Sports mode. Generally speaking, the faster detection, the higher calories.

Until you switch to “Daily mode” and make the connection between smart phone and Q-Watch device, the sleeping pattern data will be downloaded from Q-Watch, and then i-gotU Life app will analysis your sleeping pattern. Please refer to the following steps to connect your Q-Watch device. Why Q-Watch cannot connect with my phone?

It would be more accurate. Images, tones, themes, screensavers, MMS messages, and so much more can all be uploaded. High temperature and steam may cause damage the device.


Gone are the days where you had wires clogging up your computer desk or having to pop out your battery to connect your phone to your computer. Due to some Android phones have added the performance adjusting program, even the i-gotU Life app has added to the [Notification access], it still pop up the message of Notification problem.

After reset your Q-Watch, buetooth it will clear the Bluetooth settings, so you have to pair and connect with it again.

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Why Q-Watch cannot detect sleep pattern and quality automatically? If sleep status is just detected when Q-Watch is stationary or less movement, inaccuracy mobilfaction be increased. Can I wear Q-Watch to swim or take a shower?

When you changed phone or removed the i-gotU Life app, you might run the Restore function to recover your data. When you get up after, please switch your Q-Watch to Daily mode to stopping record sleep.

Mobile Action Bluetooth Management Tool

Please refer to the link below for the complete installation instruction: How many days of records can be stored? How to detect your heart rate correctly on blueyooth Q-Watch HR? Please long press the button of Q-Watch for 3 seconds, it will show 4 modes. Moreover, due to human body block most radio waves, the distance of Bluetooth Wearable device would be change by the bpuetooth of mobile phone and body. When you changed phone or removed the i-gotU Life app, you might run the restore function to recover your data.


Please lock your i-gotU Life app, if your smartphone has supported the lock app function. How to backup and restore the i-gotU Life App data? Bluetooth wireless technology is just that, wireless technology. There are two ways to switch your Q-Watch to Sleep mode:.

The USB adapter even has a strap hole in the top of it for easy transfer to other computers or laptops. Pressurized or high velocity water jet may penetrate into the mpbileaction. Please slide down the i-gotU Life app to lock it, so the i-gotU Life app could keep running in background without being cleared.

When you change your phone from Android phone to iPhone or iPhone to Android phone, you must upgrade the firmware of Q-Watch. When you first time to install or upgrade the new firmware, phone Bluetooth disconnect suddenly or battery low might cause firmware upgrade failed.

Mobile Action Bluetooth 2.0 Management Tool

It has Circular Logging function: After raising your Q-Watch, you must reverse its screen to show the bluetoooth around 90 degree. How to correctly measure UV level?

The steps moileaction Q-Band is calculated 2 steps when your hand swing back and forth once, and the step distance is detected by the motion sensor according hand swing speed.