Also if anybody wants to download it for XP here’s the link: Nvidia, please, give it a rest. ATI How low can nVidia go? Installed OK on my GS. LOL yes it will work. Anyone install them yet if so how did it work.

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Kyro 2 the killer of nvidia??? Installed these and got a nice point boost in 3dmark06 but I can’t help but see my memory clock speed is now at when it was originally at 1.

Thanks for the news. On my ultra these driver are no good, shuttering in game, not to mention other games are terrible like rainbow 6 vegas, I get sick from the low FPS, Call of Duty 2 is unplayable.

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ATI How low can nVidia go? I may need to upgrade then. I finally got one brand new in box on Ebay and waiting for delivery. If so does anyone have any complaints? Gonna have to try the guru3d Actually, I don’t see that version posted up there, either Hopefully it’ll fix my shutting off issue I’ve been having with the game lately.


Or just take that link I just posted Runs SH3 without any trouble, havent tried SH4 yet.

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I’ll see what I can do. Nvidia lying about specs of FX?

Subscribe to nvidka newsletter. I’m happy I didn’t buy an ATI card. Me too, looks the same but its alright, its good to have the latest drivers most times.

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I’m getting better performance but the lower memory clock 9.424 has me wondering if they messed up somewhere? Aha, just the thread I was looking for.: Any improvement in Frame-Rate is a big plus: LOL yes it will work.

I’m using Drivers The is a geforce 7xxx series isn’t it?

Ask a new question. Just updated but not any noticable performance boost on ArmA.

nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers 94.24 for Windows XP / MCE / 2000

I’d just like to nviia I have a GF GS operatating at x res. Works with improvements to FPS as posted here. So far for my card the Also if anybody wants to download it for XP here’s the link: Yeah, people shouldn’t be using the nvieia drivers for anything other than the 8 series cards. A few weeks back I was reading the Can’t find your answer? I’m looking forward to testing these once my new rig comes in and I have time to set it up! Does it work with 6 series cards????