Notes; I imagine this hack may work for other older driver combinations, but I am not sure, just try it out. I’ll check which driver I ended up using the next time is visit. This solved my problem which had been for 6 months! I was able to import my preferences using the Bamboo utility, so I hope that will get me by. In my case it was Mavericks. RemBem 1 1. Okay, so I got a little bit too excited that the pen mode was working correctly and the tablet was not just working as a mouse.

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If you have tech support, please include the model of tablet you have, and your computer specifications. I am not sure what causes the hacked prefpane only to work correctly after the switch of System Prefs to 32bit and back is performed.

Product support

I can find nothing of help on the Wacom site, so any suggestions from here? Notes; I imagine this hack may work for other older driver combinations, but I am not sure, just try it out. So I installed on top the lastest available version for my tablet I was put on to this site by Wacom support, but you can find it by Googling “wacom waxom legacy drivers”.


I just downloaded the latest legacy driver from http: Just be sure you keep the newer prefpane file and replace Info. Nevermind, I found it elsewhere.

Wacom Graphire4 not recognised More Less. In my case with the mentioned to driver versions, I have a fully working prefpane. I read somewhere that next versions of MacOS may not have the 32 bit option anymore, so steps may not work anymore after High Sierra.

I replaced the Info. Can I use this tablet on my Mac? The pref pane doesn’t open, but I have pressure control back in illustrator which is all I needed. If anyone is in desperate needs and has a large Intous 2 10×12 or whatever the large size was at the time I might be able to send you a custom Intous 2 preference file that was loaded easily into the Wacom utility in El Capitan. The Asian sacom worked for me.

Drivers | Wacom

Anytime you need to adjust preferences for the tablet, remember to switch System Prefs into bit mode. Definitely celebrated too early. Find System Preferences in your Applications folder. Steps are crucial, without the 32bit switching and back, the prefpane does not work correctly.

Recent Drivers  88772A MAC DRIVER

I just found a way for it to work! In my case this was version: With my Intuos1 tablet, in my case this was version 6. My thanks to David for pointing me in the right direction! Just sum up all that been said here and in this thread: Then cmd-I again on System Preferences and turn off 32 bit mode. Use a legacy driver I’ve found a link for a driver that works: I even contacted Wacom support and didn’t get very far.

I was able to get it working without issue. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

The Wacom software comes up under a Bamboo name, but everything works. Unfortunately this does not work anymore in High Sierra. I’ve been searching for a while for drivers for Graphire 4, but nothing seems to work.

Open System Preferences in 32bit mode Now, to get rid of this error: