A formal validation is executed using all mechanical and electronic. During the cube scan assessment, the probe is positioned in 5 x 8mm steps in both. The probe travels in the homo geneous liquid simulating human tissue. The data from this process is then used to provide t he. All Tests Executed 9 th September

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The Dell PP10L laptop has an internal set of diverse antennas which are located at. The total size for the physical.

Tests were executed at zero mm. A calculated re solution of wm3a200 was used to. The following documents are applicab le to the evaluation performed: The end effector provides the mechanical.

Table six cont ains the results fr om this exercise.

All subsequent testing for the direct c ontact SAR was performed on three channels. All Tests Executed 9 th September All subsequent testing for body exposur e SAR was performed on three channels. The algorithm consists of 3D cubic Spline, and Lagrange.


Wireless Lan Card WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n (Intel / Broadcom / Atheros)

T est Case Scenarios. The system then runs a seri es of complex algorithms, which. Precise measurements are made.

Further details of the tissue used durin g the system validation are provided in.

A full system validation was run prior to the SAR testin g. The following algorithm is an exampl e of the function used by the system for. The liquid is contained in a maniki n simulating a portion of the wirelss body. The resu lts are presented in table 7. The probe travels in the homo geneous liquid simulating human tissue.

Conducted power measurement before and after the scanning. For body SAR analysis the.

The basis for the cube scan process is. The image below shows part of the se tup used for body measurements.

Dell Latitude D600 Mini PCI Wireless WiFi Card WM3A2100 U2027

All analysis conducted and. The probe is moved precisely from one point to the next using the robot Dipole Calibr ation Certif icate The test methodology utilized in the analys is of the Test Case Scenarios.

Recent Drivers  MSI U130 WLAN DRIVER

High 11 – 0. These v a lues are calculated during the probe.

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High 11 0. For the system validation the tiss ue was calibrated at MHz.

The system consists of a six axis articulated arm, and. The full analysis of the Device as test ed was completed within a 24hr period. This report contains the re sults of the engineer ing ev aluation perf ormed on the Intel.

The user predefines the sample rate for which the measurements are made so as to. Dielectric parameters of t he simulated tissue material were determined using an.