I’ve even read the manual for this card, but there is no information. The game will default to software rendering mode if a 3D card is not detected. Could you live without it? Users browsing this forum: It has some nice features coupled with Yamaha quality:

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But the music in the game is simply breathtaking.

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A physical modeling sythesizer allows mathematical recreation of an instrument. The Bad There are a few bad points with this card. It can play up to 64 notes simultaneously while an additional voices are provided yammaha the Yamaha S-YXG50 Softsythesizer. Could you live without it? The WaveForce synthsizer has a full range of musical instruments voices and 21 drum kits.

This card is SoundBlaster compatible. This card is designed for the power gamer and the audio enthusiast.

Yamaha WaveForce PCI (WF192XG) Sound Card

I have three XG cards in total, all are in use and one I bought boxed, like in your photo, back in the 90’s. The only solution was to get an old copy of the drivers.


The software bundled in the CD are as follows: A well-known play station game in PC Version. The familiar name drawn my attention, and bought it the next day. MS Windows 98 Build 4.

What effect does this have?

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Users browsing this forum: The Good The Yamaha WaveForce is has the most advanced wavetable synthesizer featuring up to notes of simultaneous wavetable sound polyphony.

The card above in the ebay link also has the number associated with it.

Conclusion Yamaha’s unparalled reputation in professional music and audio is your assurance that this WaveForceXG meets and even exceeds not only Yamaha’s quality standard and performance but surpasses an array of PCI Sound Cards in Singapore.

I have the drivers, same as you, but do not have the Misc or WaveOut options in the configuration box. So what’s the deal with this card? Did you try that card with the driver I posted? The Yamaha WaveForce is has the most advanced wavetable synthesizer featuring up to notes of simultaneous wavetable sound polyphony. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Sensaura – Yamaha positional 3D audio feature enable you to experience phenomenal 3D sound using only two speakers.


Where is the DirectSound3D support? DLS will allow game developer, web programmers and other multimedia creator to load their own custom instruments and sound effects into the card. An easy-to-use sound editor which lets you record,edit and play WAV files. Reply with quote Re: So after the SBLive!

VOGONS • View topic – Yamaha WaveForce XG infos and drivers

A card that I bought in an instant when it appeared in the Greek marketafter being a satisfied SWPC user I was passing by a computer storeand in the display they had it! Does hardware 3d sound buffer work in wavetorce Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. Also, the pics you provide in your post about the hardware configuration look similar to the ebay card’s hardware configuration screens.

The Yamaha YMF chipset has incorporated this 3D technology to enable a more fufilling gaming experience.