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We are an international team that creates creative digital content for business. We are creating not just a product, but a full-fledged tool for solving your business problems.

We run virtual production and bring to life stories that cannot be shot on a real camera. We also create cool animated videos, infographics, web design, branding and identity.

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Advantages of
3D motion videos
  • viral effect
    CGi videos are better remembered and better shared on the web, attracting more and more attention to your brand and products
  • wow-effect
    Animated videos make a more powerful impression on the viewer than classic staged videos
  • practicability
    3D motion videos allow you to create a story that is either impossible to shoot on camera, or it will require multimillion-dollar budgets
  • informativity
    A graphic video will help to present your product or tell about a brand with visual, vivid and memorable images
Bright and dynamic animated 3D promo video dedicated to the launch of a limited collection of T-shirts by SEGRETO bar
3D CG advertisement video for a Georgian brand of soft drinks, attracting attention with a simple and beautiful animation
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Our customers

My attitude to creative work is a harmonious synthesis of artistic and technical approaches.
Sound director
I make sure that our work is done efficiently and on time, and also provide high service from our side.
Yana Leptukh
Project manager
Action here, camera and light there. You will say “wow” after you watch our videos.
Dmitry Nefedoff
Founder, producer
Egor Maleev
I like when everything is clear and goes according to the plan. I demand this from my team because only then we can create cool products and maintain the high quality.
Sergei Nefedoff
We use CGI to do something that attracts attention and is imprinted in the memory of your customers.
3D motion designer
Rakim Kelly
I appreciate logic and freedom of artistic vision, I am not afraid of bright colors and complex compositional solutions.
Web & graphic designer
Sonia Duval
I can spend hours poring over one frame and hone the movement to perfection.
3D motion designer
3D motion designer
Ann Mikhalovich
I create something that cannot be repeated in real life or is possible only with a multimillion-dollar budget.
Andrei Golodnov
Julie Efremova
I'll make our communication simple and effective as possible in order to achieve the best result!
Georgy Borschevsky
Account manager
Director of editing, VFX
I take a fresh look… Puzzle is not about its parts – it is about their position.
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Located in Tbilisi, Georgia
Working worldwide