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A landing page is a one-page website, the purpose of which is to encourage a visitor to perform a targeted action, for example, to leave a request, order a consultation or request a commercial offer.

When we developing a landing page for your tasks, we don't only work out the visual component, but also think over the site from the point of view of sales and marketing so that it has the maximum effect.

It is important to place on the site all the information necessary to warm up the visitor and to think through the structure correctly. We know all this perfectly and are ready to create a new and effective tool for you - a landing page.
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  • Effectiveness
    We create landing pages with a deep consideration of the specifics of the user's perception
  • Price
    The price of our services is transparent. We offer favorable foms of cooperation, and you will get an excellent result.
  • Professionalism
    We know how to encourage the user to perform a targeted action: click, make a request, order, buy or book your product
  • Service
    We will create a selling website for you, give practical advice on promotion and provide free support for 30 days
Our customers
Filling out a brief
Drawing up a clear technical task
Selecting of reference websites
Calculation of the cost
We calculate the cost based on the complexity and urgency of the task with a clear justification
Design & development
Creating a website design, working with graphics and texts. Connecting the necessary forms, services and integrations.
Working on edits, connecting the domain, launching the site
What was did:

Created a selling landing page, developed a corporate identity.
4 days
Creating a turnkey landing page took a little more than 4 days
Landing page for a wholesale company engaged in sale of e-cigarettes
Express 3-page website for Cocount charcoal brand
3 pages
The site consists of 3 pages, each of which contains unique and useful content, as well as a stylish design
The site was created in an express format, which implies the creation of a turnkey site without the possibility of edits to design
What was done:

Created a 3-pages website in express format and developed a corporate identity in a short time.
3 days
Creating a turnkey website took 3 days
What was did:

Created a 4-pages website and developed a corporate identity in a short time.
5 days
Creating a turnkey website took 5 days
The site consists of 4 pages, each of which contains unique and useful content, as well as a stylish design
4 pages
Corporate website for industrial company
Website for the franchise of the PiterSmoke stores
Creating additional organic traffic from YouTube videos. And this indicator will continue to grow
What was did:

Developed a selling landing page, created informative videos to increase the effectiveness of the site
+3% cr
Landing page conversion increased by more than 3%
we provide

Founder, producer
I like when everything is clear and goes according to the plan. I demand this from my team because only then we can create cool products and maintain the high quality
Serge Nefedoff
People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe
Marketing specialist
Vasily Logashev
I prefer to look at things from different angles, because not everything is so clear.
3D designer
UX / UI Designer
Kate Lebedeva
I appreciate logic and freedom of artistic vision, I am not afraid of bright colors and complex compositional solutions.
Sonia Duval

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